A little about me….

My name is Ben, and I live in California. I work as an assistant manager at Micheals. I’ve always wanted to be crafty, but never knew enough about what to do. I discovered Tim Holtz about a month ago and have been making tags ever since. I live with my husband, Ron, of 4 years and he is very supportive of my new found hobby. He is also an artist so he is excited I found something artsy to do as well.

Well, on July 3rd, 2013, Ron and I were able to officially get married.  It was an exciting day.  I’ve never been married and it was an odd feeling to say the least.  I actually cried when they had me recite our vows.

Michaels is a horrible place to work, I left Michaels on July 8th and return to my former employer Petco.  Which I’ve work at for over 9 years.  I am very gracious that they took me back after being gone only 4 months.  Folks, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, sometimes it may just be dead!


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