Tim Holtz December Tag Challenge

For the men in your lives that you want to make tags for.  Look around in the garage or fishing tackle.thisone


February 2015 Tags inspired by Tim Holtz

IMG_0421 IMG_0422

While this was supposed to be a tag, I decided to make a card using February 2015’s and February 2014’s technique combined.  I had found some other trinkets I used to embellish the front of the card with, as well as made a cut out with my cricket machine to sort of tie it to Valentines day.

The front of the card is made with elements that are of interest to my husband, like the telescope.  I got him one years ago and he loves going out to open spaces and looking at the sky.  Another one was of pocket watches, however that one got covered up by the cricket cut out.  The others were random pieces I had and used them to keep it masculine.

12 Tags of 2014 Inspired by Tim Holtz – January

IMG_0364 IMG_0363

So this was a fun tag to do.  I love all the parts and pieces.  I didn’t have a stamp set that was small enough to fit onto the journaling ticket, so I just used my little individual stamp letters.

I only bought one package of the remnant rubs and really messed up the first try on the type charm, and screwed up just a little on the 2nd try, and since I only had 2 sets, I had to go with the less messed up one! LOL.

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013 – December Tag


Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013 - December Tag

So this was done using the stocking and candy cane die cuts. I used the technique taught this month using clearly for art layered with frosted film. Once finished I used a spatter brush with picket fence paint.

On the stocking I used distress inks but came out a littler to clear. I took Tim Holtz’s sander and sanded the smooth side of the die cut and painted it with the colors I wanted with liquitex paint.