3rd August Travel Tag Inspried by Tim Holtz


3rd August Travel Tag Inspried by Tim Holtz

This is a very fun stamp set. My original idea wouldn’t fit on a tag, so a card is coming. I must now go make breakfast then come back and start cutting paper and creating another piece out of cardstock.


August 2013 Tag inspired by Tim Holtz


August 2013 Tag inspired by Tim Holtz

I actually had one of the stamp sets used in this months tag challenge.  At first I wasn’t going to post this tag as I had seen a few others who posted theirs, and was very impressed at how they took the idea and thought outside the box.  I just followed the directions to a tea  and did my tag.  I feel  my tag is a little plain jane compared to the others.  I laid in bed and looked at the photo of my tag and decided it was post worthy. I like the work I did and loved how it turned out.  Now to play with some of the techniques I’ve seen yall do!